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I’m in the midst of doing a Genealogy Do-Over on my direct line files, so I’m delving into a lot of seldom-seen parts of my tree and finding a lot of new info (or at least new to me). At the moment, I’m focusing on my paternal side, which is heavily populated with German roots and more than a bit challenging, so any clues are welcome while searching.

One of the rather intriguing ancestors is Philipp Reinert of Montgomery County, PA, whose daughter Susannah married George Brand. Philipp’s wife was Eve Elizabeth and she apparently survived him as she is named in his will (spelled Reinhard), probated in 1801 in Colebrookdale, Berks County. In 1779, another Philipp Reinhard from Colebrookdale died intestate with his widow Margaret given administrative duties over the estate. Chances are pretty good that the older Philipp is the younger Philipp’s father, but much more research needs to be done before that claim can be made.

Just to make things fun, a pair of entries in Emigrants from the Palatinate to the American Colonies in the 18th Century caught my attention:


REINHARD, Maria Barbara and Philipp. She was born (at Obermoschel), 17.X.1724. Daughter of Anton and Margaretha Reinhard. This person has left for America in the year 1746 at Whitsuntide, with her brother Philipp Reinhard, both persons unmarried, and has demanded her certificate of baptism in the year 1749, which was sent 12 May of this year by Erhart. Johannes Philippus Reinhardt, Franz Reynhart, Andreas Reinhart, and Friedrich Reinhart all arrived on the ship Neptune, 25 Oct. 1746 (S-H, I, 363) (For further references to Philipp and Friedrich, see BRICKER, Sara Elisabetha.) A Philip Reinhard, of Colebrookdale, did intestate. Letters of administration were granted to his widow Margaret, 13 July 1779. (There is no proof this man is the emigrant from Obermoschel, but the name is suggestive.)

Ok, that sounds fairly promising. Here’s the Bricker part mentioned above:

BRICKER, Sara Elisabetha. Daughter of the shepherd, Carl Bricker. She bore an illegitimate child, Anna Catharina, on 1.X.1745; it died 17.X.1747. Its father was Philipp Reinhard, son of Anthon Reinhard from Hallgarten. Because the matter of these two persons remained at the office a very long time unsettled, the mother of the child has left for America, impatiently and depressed by poverty, with Friedr. Reinhard at Whitsuntide 1746, leaving her child, and Karl Philipp Reinhard has at once followed her with his unmarried sister. (See also REINHARD, Maria Barbara and Philipp.)

Rcecords on FamilySearch show that Johann Philipp was born on June 24, 1727 and his sister Maria Barbara was born on October 17, 1924. So it’s a start, but obviously, ther is much work to be done on these Reinhard folks!



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